Historic Garden Week in Albemarle County

Lost tablet…goal to catch up on posts not achieved.

Find tablet…..back to work!

On April 23rd, some friends and I decided to attend the tour I Albemarle County as part of Historic Garden Week, planned by the Garden Club of Virginia. We got the chance to tour the gardens, and a couple of interiors, of five homes on the tour. It was a nice mix of traditional, modern and woodland gardens. There were also lots of flower arrangements done by the Garden clubs and on display both inside and outside the home. Pictures were only permitted at some of the homes, and that included the woodland gardens which was my favorite! I even took my photos and made them my computer desktop wallpaper. Enjoy the slide show!

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Quilt Show Weekend!

So I have gotten really far behind with my posts. I keep starting them but not spending the time to get them ready for publishing. I’m going to try to get them caught up over the next couple of weeks and then get back on track!

Our local quilt show took place on April 1st and 2nd. There were almost 200 quilts and accessories on display made by the membership of my guild and our sister guild. I have included several photos in the slideshow below of some of the great work on display.

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I bought a kit for a cute and cozy looking winter quilt made with flannel applique and won some beautiful quilted wall hangings and a bed quilt at our bag auction. I had a great time volunteering, viewing and shopping over those 2 days. What a success!